Get Certified to learn how to test AWS Hybrid Cloud

I have said it often enough:

The era of black box testing is over!

The pace at which technology is evolving and business is moving towards a micro-service based architecture, as a test analyst you need to evolve too.

AWS is the prime candidate, The fact that AWS provides all the infrastructure at a very low cost means that companies can now focus on developing the product instead of worrying about the servers. This is the same reason startup companies can kick off their business on AWS without any capital investment on infrastructure or maintenance.

So as a Test Analyst, you need to know how to test applications and infrastructure in hybrid cloud.

The only way you can develop those skills is by learning how AWS infrastructure is built/designed.

In my experience, the best way is to get certified.


This is the best AWS Solutions Architect – Associate training course I have come across. This will teach you how AWS hybrid cloud infrastructure can be designed and applications deployed.

  • Ensure that you follow the course from start to end with all the hands on practice tests
  • You will have to register for AWS Free Tier subscription for this course to follow the training
  • Practice ! Practice! Practice! The more you will practice, the easier it will become to understand the inner working of AWS cloud
  • Before you register for the final exam, take practice exams. This will prove to be very helpful during the exam. The exam explains each answer in details.

  • Once you have completed the training course and the practice exam, schedule exam with AWS.
  • For the exam, focus on below areas:
    • Auto-scaling of EC2 and Databases
    • High Availability of applications
    • Elastic Application Load Balancers
    • Elastic Block and Storage service
    • Scalability and Elasticity
    • Routing and Route53
    • S3 Storage services

Don’t worry! I will focus the next few posts on how to test hybrid cloud infrastructure and applications.



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