Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Job Applications

Ever thought that you were an excellent fit for a job but never got a call back for an interview? Well, you are not alone. Many of us had the same experience! Few days ago I was talking to someone about current job market and the topic of automatic application scanning by agencies popped up….

Machine Learning (ML)

I came across these posts about Machine Learning the other day. Machine Learning for dummies — explained in 3 mins! View at Machine Learning for Humans Very easy to follow. Explains the basics of machine learning. Enjoy!

Push back against knowledge sharing within an Organization

How many times have you encountered an issue that required an Subject Matter Expert (SME) assistance? Many I would presume! But what if the SME was on leave or busy or was simply not available to answer your question? You wish the info that you needed was documented somewhere so that you can look it…

Why do requirements fail in Testing?

As a Test Manager, I feel let down when requirements fail in testing due to being missed in the solution design. This not only adds to added expenditure for the test team, but the solution also has to be reworked to accommodate the missing requirement, thereby warranting additional re-test. So….is it the developer’s fault that…

Is Quality conversation possible between a Developer and a Tester?

Few years back, I was conducting a workshop for a group of developers and testers on how to effectively work as a team. The first thing I noticed after everyone had taken their seats was that developers and testers were sitting as separate groups. Even though there were seats available within the development group and…