About Me


Hey There. I am Rubaiyat Kibria and welcome to my blog. I am a TOGAF® 9 Certified ICT Leader with over 15+ years of experience.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and a Masters and PhD in Telecommunications engineering, specializing in Mobile Wireless Communication. So yes, I do get called “Dr.” sometimes (when I get alumni letters) although I hardly use this title anymore!

My key expertise include:

Enterprise architecture | AWS Solution Architecture | Product roadmap development | Digital transformation | cloud native software development | hybrid cloud platform design and support | product innovation | product automation testing | e2e testing of enterprise applications | DevOps and building continuous build/integration/delivery pipeline | container orchestration | agile development and delivery | building high performance multi-disciplinary teams | native and hybrid mobile application development | web application development | microservices.

I have been in academia and in the software industry for over 15+ years, delivering and supporting enterprise solutions across different platforms (web, mobile, cloud). I have worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Sydney before joining the private industry. One area that is very close to my heart is Quality Control/Testing. I love trying to break a system/application. It is like a cat and mouse game with the development team. Is the code stable enough to withstand my tests? Am I able to find even the most obscure defects in the solution? Is the solution meeting the business requirements? How can I get the maximum test coverage achieved with minimal effort (means automation and risk based testing)?

Every day I face some form of unique challenge at work and it is my responsibility to work out a solution for those issues. I love this sort of challenges where you have to think outside the box and still deliver on time and within budget.

In today’s era of emerging technologies and IT transformation, you need to continuously develop yourself. There is no option to be stagnant in your personal development. Otherwise you will soon find yourself on the outside.

I created this blog in an attempt to share my experience of software testing. If this helps anyone improve their capabilities in any way, then it would be an extremely satisfying experience.

togaf9-certified  the-open-group-certified-togaf-standard-version-9-2


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