Improve SEO of Your Blog with Automation

Disclaimer: I am not really advocating that you increase the traffic to your Blog artificially.  If you look at traffic to my own blog, not very high, is it? But I am a firm believer in sharing knowledge. I believe that it is the fundamental right of every human being to have access to free information and knowledge.

This blog is just to show some neat tricks if you want to increase traffic to your website or blog and in that way increase SEO of your site. If you want that, then you need to know about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Far greater learned people have written about this. So please have a read.

How to Make Every Blog Article You Write Rank High in Google Search
SEO Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide
Ultimate WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners (Step by Step)

Essentially you need to look at ways for your site/blog to be picked up by Google search.

There are few tricks to that such as below,

  • Tagline
  • Using trending tags and categories for your blog posts and site etc.
  • PLUS Automation

While I will focus on how to automate traffic to your site, I will touch briefly on the other ways to improve SEO for your site.


Use a catchy site/blog title and use trendy words for Tagline. Ensure that for tagline, you use words that are searched most by people looking for similar content. Note that the tagline are words that describe your site/blog in a few words.

Tags and Categories

Create a list of tags and categories and link them to your blog posts. The categories and tags should reflect the content of the post.


This is a simple automation script that can increase the traffic stats on your site. The script is built in Java and run using Selenium Webdriver on Chrome.


  • Install Eclipse
  • Willingness to learn and
  • Patience

I kept a before and after statistics for my blog so that you know I am not fudging things up. Also this is a test. So on a regular day to day basis, my blog will NEVER attract that much traffic.

Now run the below Selenium Web driver automation script to repeatedly open the web page 52 times. 52 is not a magic word, I just happened to pick such a number.

The result is as below.

In the script, I used a loop for 52 times to open and close the home page. As I was doing that from a single machine, the cookie from the wordpress site recorded my activity as a single visitor.

In order to emulate that multiple visitors have clicked on my blog, I also accessed the home page manually from 3 different machines. As such I ended up with 57 views (52 automation loops of single view + 2 from previous views, earlier in the day + 3 single views from 3 different machines) and 4 visitors (1 visitor from automation machine + 3 single visitors from 3 different machines).



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