Application Release needs to keep pace with iPhone O/S Versions

As a Test Manager, you purchased an Automation tool for automating native or hybrid mobile applications. Then you purchased a set of new mobile devices e.g., iPhone with IOS version of 11.2. When you try to run automation on that mobile device, you find out that the tool only suppots up to IOS version 10.3. The next release for the tool is in another 6 months.

How would you feel as a Test Manager?

I would be filthy!

And I was when I realized that TOSCA Mobile+ only supports automation up to version 10.3 on iPhone devices. Since the new iPhone mobiles have IOS version of 11.2, TOSCA Mobile+ encounters fatal error when running.

So our fall back option was to run automation on an older iPhone 6s with IOS version of 10.0 while running manual tests on the new iPhone 7 Plus devices with IOS version of 11.2.

This shows the need that software companies who develop such tools need to be market savvy and release regular versions to keep pace with the IOS versions in the market. They need to have minor releases that can keep pace with the increasing IOS versions and then they can also have major releases that introduce new features and bug fixes.


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